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Courtney Buses advises change to terms and conditions of travel with effect from Monday 19 th January

One accompanied, well behaved dog or other small animal which will not endanger or be a nuisance to other customers or staff is allowed to travel on our public service buses at the discretion of the driver. If necessary,  our  driver has the authority to decide where on the bus the animal is best carried. Our drivers judgment will be fully supported by the Company.

A fare of £1 per day will be charged for dogs, valid on any of our public services.

All dogs MUST be kept on a lead and where appropriate, dogs must be muzzled and restrained in accordance with the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. All other animals must be caged or in a box. In addition dogs are not allowed to be placed on or travel on seats.
Any passenger bringing an animal onto a bus will be held responsible for any damage to the vehicle or any distress caused to our staff or other travellers. Furthermore the owner will be charged a fine of up to £100 if the vehicle requires valeting due to soiling or vomiting.
Guide dogs, hearing or assistance dogs accompanying registered disabled passengers are carried free of charge at any time.

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We have some timetable and route changes on the following services, please make yourself aware of these as they could affect your journey.

ROUTE 121 - click here for info / Timetable
ROUTE 129 - click here for info / Timetable
ROUTE 189 - click here for info & map / Timetable
ROUTE 192 - click here for info / Timetable


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