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COVID-19 Update

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Fast, clean, reliable bus travel for the Thames Valley

Introducing the daysaver5!
3 weeks ago - Thu 5th Nov 2020
The brand-new money saver for your changing travel habits
Lockdown - Monthly Tickets Info
3 weeks ago - Mon 2nd Nov 2020
Helping to make sure you don’t lose the travel you have already paid for during this November's national lockdown
Electric bus service for Slough
1 month ago - Mon 19th Oct 2020
Free electric bus trial launches Monday 26th October
Slough & Windsor changes coming Sunday 1st November 2020
1 month ago - Wed 14th Oct 2020
Some buses are changing in our Slough & Windsor Network - please check to see if your service is affected
Routes & times
    • 2
    Dedworth to Slough, via Windsor
    • 3
    Maidenhead to Farmers Way, via Wootton Way Shops
    • 4A
    Slough to Cippenham
    • 5
    Slough to Cippenham via Chalvey
    • 7
    Maidenhead to Woodlands Park, via Town Centre and Wessex Way Shops
    • 8
    Boulters Lock to Halifax Road, via Maidenhead Town Centre and St Marks Hospital
    • 9
    Maidenhead to Cranbrook Drive, (Circular) via Furze Platt, Cranbrook Drive, Halifax Road and St Marks Hospital
    • 10
    • 10A
    • 10S
    Heathrow Terminal 5 to Windsor & Dedworth / Slough via Wraysbury and Datchet

    The Myrke Bus Stops

    Due to roadworks the bus stops in both directions will not be in use. Please use Redcow Roundabout or Slough Road stops instead. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    • 15
    Maidenhead to Slough, via Taplow, Eton Wick and Eton
    • 16
    • 16A
    St Marks Hospital (Maidenhead) to Windsor, via Maidenhead, Bray, Holyport and Dedworth
    • 53
    Bracknell to Wexham Park Hospital, via Maidenhead
    • 108
    Bracknell to Jennetts Park, via Wildridings
    • 121
    Wokingham (Tesco) to Norreys Estate, via Town Centre
    • 122
    • 123
    Wokingham Town Centre to Woosehill and Emmbrook
    • 124
    Wokingham to Waterloo Road (Circular)
    • 125
    • 125A
    • 125B
    Wokingham to Crowthorne (Saturdays this service extends to The Meadows)
    • 127
    Maidenhead to Reading, via Twyford and Sonning (Saturdays ONLY), to Wokingham (128 on Saturdays)
    • 128
    Wokingham to Reading, via Twyford and Sonning
    • 129
    • 129B
    Reading to Wokingham, via Twyford and Sonning (129B intended for school passengers only)
    • 150
    Bracknell to Binfield, via Priestwood 1
    • 151A
    • 151
    Bracknell to Emmbrook School, via Binfield
    • 156
    Bracknell to Harmans Water, (Circular) via The Parks and Brants Bridge NHS
    • 157
    • 158
    North Bracknell Circular, via Harvest Ride, Warfield and Bullbrook
    • 162
    • 162A
    Bracknell to Ascot, via Priestwood 2, Warfield and Winkfield
    • 171
    • 172
    South Bracknell Circular, via Crown Wood, Birch Hill, Hanworth, Great Hollands and Easthampstead
    • 194
    • 194E
    • 194S
    Bracknell to Camberley, via Great Hollands, Crowthorne, Sandhurst, Owlsmoor and The Meadows (194E & 194S intended for school passengers only)
    • 234
    • 235
    Maidenhead to Waltham St Lawrence, (Circular) via Paley Street and Shurlock Row
    • 238
    • 239
    Maidenhead to Cookham Dean (Tue & Thu) & Henley (Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat)
    • 299
    Bracknell to Warfield Park, via Tesco Warfield (Wednesdays & Fridays ONLY)
    • 459
    Heathrow T5 to Iver, via Colnbrook and Langley
    • 598
    Camberley to Little Sandhurst (Tuesdays & Thursdays ONLY)
    • 703
    Bracknell to Terminal 5, via Windsor and Slough
    • M10
    Milton Park to Didcot Parkway, via Orchard Centre
COVID-19 update - How our services are affected - 4 November
The latest updates on our services as impacted by the COVID-19 virus (Updated 4 November 2020)
Face coverings on buses - what you need to know
All you need to know about the latest information regarding mandatory face coverings on all bus journeys - updated 15th June