Welcome to Boost!

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Younger people get a Boost with Courtney Buses from the Sunday 3rd November in our Slough & Windsor network. Eventually, this will be extended to other networks.

What is Boost?

Boost is our name for the range of tickets for younger people. If you are 18 & under, you can take advantage of cheaper fares on bus or online without the need for special ID! 

(It's worth mentioning though that if you are at the upper age range we do advise that you have some form of ID (such as college ID) in case you are asked - otherwise you may have to pay full fare!).

What routes do we use boost on?

We charge boost rates on routes 2, 10, 10A, 10S, 15 & 703.

How much is Boost

The price you pay depends on which ticket or product you need. Our prices for our day, weekly and 4-weekly tickets are below. 

simplySlough & Windsor Boost
Day £3.50
Weekly £12
4-Weekly £44

Extended Boost 

Boost also allows 19-21 year olds in full-time education at a local college or university (see list below) to benefit from lower fares. Boost is valid for:

  • University of Reading (all students get Boost regardless of age - you will need to show university ID) 
  • University of West London (all students get Boost regardless of age - you will need to show university ID) 
  • Reading College 
  • UTC Reading 
  • Newbury College 
  • Bracknell and Wokingham College
  • East Berkshire College
  • Uxbridge College

You must show your valid ID from one of the places above to benefit from the Boost fares - if you do not have ID, you will be asked to pay the appropriate adult fare. 

challenge 21

Whilst the younger customers are able to travel without ID, we are aware that there will be some people who will try to purchase Boost fares and products even if they are not allowed so we do operate a challenge 21 policy - if our drivers think you are 21 or over, they will ask for some ID to prove you are in full-time education at one of the places listed above. So it is important that you carry your student ID with you when you buy or use any Boost product. If you are not able to produce ID when asked, you will be asked to pay the full adult fare, even if you have a valid ticket.