Concessionary Travel during Coronavirus situation

1 month ago Wed 24th Jun 2020

Some local authorities have now reverted their concessionary pass restriction times back to their pre-coronvirus levels.

As restrictions are further eased, there is an expectation that, in spite of Government advice to still avoid public transport where possible, there may be an increase in people needing to use buses to go to work. Any increase in customers will, of course, make social distancing on the vehicles even more difficult. Due to this, some councils have decided to revert back to their original times for concessionary pass acceptance to ensure that more vulnerable, older people are not travelling when there are potentially more customers on the bus.

If you board a bus in the following local authority areas with a concessionary pass, it will only be accepted after 9.00am and until 11:00pm:

  • Buckinghamshire (visually impaired disabled passholders and companions can still travel at any time)
  • Oxfordshire
  • London (disabled passholders can travel at any time)

From Monday 29th June, Slough Borough Council are changing their concessionary pass acceptance back to normal.  Passengers boarding in the Slough local authority area may only use a concessionary pass after 9:30am and until 11:00pm on weekdays.

Reading, Wokingham and Surrey local authorities are currently still allowing concessionary pass holders to travel at all times, but if this changes, we will update our website and social media to let you know.