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COVID-19 Update

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Facemasks on our buses

2 weeks ago Wed 13th May 2020

The Government has now issued its first stage of guidance for the process of rebuilding following the COVID-19 pandemic.  We know that many of you will be wanting to know how this guidance will affect both you and us.

As more people return to work, the issue of social distancing is more important than ever.  As public transport does not lend itself to social distancing, the Government has now advised customers to wear a face covering if they need to travel.

This is not compulsory, and you can still travel on our buses without a face covering, but we would appreciate as many people as possible wearing them.

Why face coverings?

The use of face masks and face coverings has been an issue of contention since the beginning of the outbreak. Current Public Health England advice has not changed – masks to prevent the wearer from catching the virus are only effective in clinical settings when coupled with other Personal Protective Equipment and stringent hygiene measures.

However, by wearing a face covering you might reduce the potential to infect others, especially as you may not know that you are infected.  This will allow us greater freedom whilst keeping the spread of the virus under control.

As mentioned above, you do not have to wear a mask when travelling on our buses, but we do encourage you to wear them if you can.  You can make face coverings at home; the key thing is it should cover your mouth and nose. You can find guidance on how to do this on GOV.UK.

The most important guidance continues to be to wash your hands regularly and avoid travelling unless you need to.

We are awaiting the government’s additional guidance on making services “COVID-19 Secure” and will follow it to the letter once published.

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