Fares & tickets

The full ticket! Our Network ticket lets you travel on all Courtney & Thames Valley bus routes including Legoland 700 and Greenline 703
Our Bracknell network covers the town with services to Camberley, Ascot, & Heathrow Airport. Plus connections to visit our other networks
Wokingham & Reading
Our Wokingham network covers most areas of the town with services to Crowthorne and Reading. Plus connections to visit our other networks
Our Maidenhead network covers all of Maidenhead with services to Windsor, Bracknell, Henley, Wexham Park Hospital & Slough
Slough & Windsor
Services covering Slough & Windsor including Fifield, Dedworth, Eton, Wexham Park Hospital & Heathrow Airport T5
Mobile Tickets
Details on the tickets you can purchase on the Thames Valley app - buy on the app and travel instantly

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Lockdown - Monthly Tickets Info
Helping to make sure you don’t lose the travel you have already paid for during this current national lockdown
Introducing the daysaver5!
The brand-new money saver for your changing travel habits
Student Pass 2020-2021
Apply here for a Student Pass for new academic year 2020-2021
Lexicon Perks Discount (Employees Only)
Perks for staff working at The Lexicon in Bracknell
Concessionary Travel Passes
Courtney buses information on Concessionary travel passes