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COVID-19 Update

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Monthly mobile tickets to be paused from Friday 27th March

6 days ago Thu 26th Mar 2020

Many of you have bought mobile tickets with us that you are now unable to use to travel with us because of the COVID-19 health emergency. At this challenging time for us all, we want to make sure you don’t lose the travel you have already paid for.

From Friday 27th March, we will be pausing all active monthly mobile tickets with more than a day remaining so that you can choose when to begin using your travel again with us.

We understand that our services continue to be critical to many of you who are key workers and are caring for others. As such, you should simply re-activate your mobile ticket to continue to travel. As usual, you’ll need an internet connection to do this and once restarted you won’t be able to pause the travel for a second time. Part used tickets will show as “part used” in the app and when activated, they will be valid for the same number of days and hours that were remaining when it was paused.

We have been working hard to make this happen for you and to do it in a way that helps as many of our customers as possible in the fastest way possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in the normal way. 

Regrettably, this facility is not possible for those using smartcards.

We will continue to support you in any way we can. Stay safe. 

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