Our Drivers are heroes

4 months ago Fri 27th Mar 2020

Alongside other key workers helping in the fight against Coronavirus, we are immensely proud of our team of drivers who are definitely heroes.

If it wasn't already apparent though, we can definitely back up this claim as they were the driving force in ensuring that overall customer satisfaction placed us 9thin the England with 94% overall customer satisfaction in the latest Transport Focus Bus Passenger Survey results released yesterday.

reassuring customers with cleanliness and great driving

Reassuring to you, our customers, during these unprecedented times, we had already seen excellent customer satisfaction with cleanliness inside the bus, personal safety and greeting and welcome from drivers.

The annual survey asks bus customers for opinions on their journeys and the latest was the first in which we’vetaken part.

A total of 277 customers were surveyed and their responses placed us in the top 10 for 21 out of the 32 questions. 

With the Prime Minister’s declaration of a national emergency earlier this week we are firmly part of the effort to fight Coronavirus. Our drivers really matter. They are providing the essential service to get critical workers to hospitals and care homes and for customers to get to the shops for basic necessities.

When you need to travel at the moment you can be sure of a smile and a hello to brighten up your day in these unprecedented times.

Given the current Coronavirus crisis, these Transport Focus Bus Passenger Survey results are amazing news to give us hope that we are continuing to deliver a great service to our customers in difficult circumstances for everyone.

The results of the survey show that you really appreciate all our efforts and really do love our drivers. Our buses are clean inside, people feel safe on our buses and they are happy with our drivers – all a great reassurance given the current situation.

As these great results remind us of happier times, wewant to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our employees. Over the past two weeks, as the situation has quickly escalated, they have truly worked as a team to help keep us moving.

One thing is certain: we must keep ourselves safe too. We are doing everything we can to protect our drivers and customers during this unparalleled situation.”

great results

The Transport Focus survey score for our driver greeting/welcome was 86% which placed us sixth in England against the 36 unitary authorities to which we are compared.

On journey time, we scored 90%, 9th in England; punctuality 82%, 10th in England. Interior cleanliness and condition 92%, 4th in England; exterior cleanliness and condition 91%, 2nd in England.