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Things to do in Windsor

Whether you’re local to the area or are coming from far away Windsor is a fantastic place to spend the day. Here are some of the top things to do in Windsor.

1.    Windsor Great Park 
Windsor Great Park is a massive Royal Park of over 5,000 acres. For many years the park was part of a private hunting ground for Windsor Castle and dates from the mid-13th century. The park is managed and funded by the Crown Estate. Most parts of the park are open to the public, free of charge, from dawn to dusk, although there is a charge to enter Savill Garden. The park is home to breathtaking views and fantastic stretches for cycling, running and walking. Its home to Windsor's Half marathon and many other running events. 

2.    Theatre Royal 
Sitting right next to Windsor castle is The Theatre Royal. A fantastic Theatre that has gained a reputation for its quality productions it is currently one of Britain's leading theatres. It is home to many actors some big and small and there is almost definitely something for everyone here from Shakespeare to pantomime. It’s a fantastic home to the Arts. For more Information on Shows and Tickets go to: Theatre Royal Windsor Website

3.    Windsor Racecourse 
Windsor Racecourses sits about a mile from the main high-street and is home to some of the best in British horse racing. For anyone who has never been horseracing, this is a perfect place to visit in the summer. Often after many of the races, there are musical acts and even music festivals. For more Information on races and tickets go to: Windsor Racecourses Website

4.    Windsor & Eton Brewery
A small, but growing craft brewery based in the heart of Windsor. Their mission is to make Windsor more famous for its beers than any other attraction! They run two different public tours - Duke Street Experience every Saturday and Brew Masters Tour every third Wednesday in the month  Duke Street Experience is a fun and informative tour on how beer is made. It goes through the raw materials, process and packaging with a large focus on what makes Windsor and Eton Brewery unique. The Brew Masters Tour is a brewery tour for the true beer connoisseur. For more Information go to Windsor and Eton's Brewery Website

5.    Walk along the River Thames
A trip to Windsor would not be complete without walking along the river themes admiring the river boats from large to small. While also taking a look at the beautiful swans and ducks. Note Bring your camera these animals can make for some fantastic photos.
6.    Windsor High Street
Windsor High street is home to many fantastic shops and restaurants. From large chains to small independent shops and restaurants. There is so much selection the hardest thing about shopping and eating here is deciding which place, to visit first. 

7.    Eton
Windsor’s twin town across the Themes. its known for its many fantastic pubs, antique shops and art galleries that line Eton’s historic high street. Eton Is home to Eton College a school still full of tradition as you walk through Eton high street it feels as if you’ve stepped back in time as you see schoolboys in tailcoats walking through town. If visiting on Sunday afternoon be sure to visit the College’s three museums.

8.    Legoland Resort 
Whether you have children or not Legoland resort is a fantastic place to spend the day. It's just outside of Windsor with many bus routes connecting the two including Courtney Buses number 600 Bus with operates during the Summer. For more information on the route go to: Our Legoland Page

9.    Windsor Castle & St Georges Chapel  
A trip to Windsor wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Windsor Castle. Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. It is open to visitors all year round. Founded by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, it has since been the home of 39 monarchs. Today The Queen spends most of her private weekends at the Castle. St Georges Chapel is also within the castle grounds. Many famous people from history are buried here, including 10 former sovereigns. As well as being the place of royal worship, It's also home to many Royal weddings. For More Information go to Windsor Castles Website

10. Walking tours
Walk through this historic town in the company of a tour guide - there are plenty to choose from, all of which give you a different look into Windsor

11. Boating or rowing on the River Thames
If you fancy paddling down the river, there are many different providers who you can rent kayaks and boats from. It's a fantastic experience and a good way to keep moving on the weekend.

On the weekends and during school holidays parking in Windsor can be short supply. Courtney Buses have many routes to and around Windsor for more information use our Route Planner page to find the best bus route to Windsor.

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