Waltham Place Estate has often been described as “the best kept secret in Berkshire”. Waltham Place is a 220 acre biodynamic farm and gardens in the village of White Waltham, near Maidenhead.  

They offer a unique opportunity for visitors to explore there series of naturalistic gardens and the surrounding countryside whilst learning about the importance of sustainability and bio diversity.

The philosophy at Waltham Place is based on a belief that the farm and surrounding gardens, woodlands, lake and fields should be managed in a holistic way where wildlife is protected and encouraged. From the biodynamic farm, through the natural gardens to the wild woods or the open meadows, visitors are encouraged to understand the links between plants and animals and the health of this vibrant landscape. 

Waltham has a timeless beauty and is a joy to visit in any season. What you find here is a little oasis which has much to offer the visitor at all levels. There are beautiful gardens to walk around, which explore the boundaries between gardens and nature. Throughout the year we run a series of walks, talks, events and courses exploring our flora, fauna, food and philosophy. All garden tours and events must be booked in advance. Please check there website www.walthamplace.com for details of events, tours and opening times for the tearoom and farm shop.

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