Wokingham & Reading


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**NEW** simplyBracknell & Wokingham

simplyBracknell & Wokingham Map

This is our new combination ticket for Bracknell and Wokingham, our two networks come together to allow customers to visit both towns and travel further. Also the introduction of inter company acceptance with Reading Buses, you now have even better bus services.

Area of Validity:
          108,121,122,123,124,125A/125B,150,151/151A,156,157/158,162/162A,171/172, 299: whole route
          53as far as Newell Green
          125as far as Iron Duke 
          128/9as far as Winnersh Crossroads
          194as far as Iron Duke
          Reading Buses 3/3Bas far as Robinson Crusoe
          Reading Buses 4/X4as far as Loddon Bridge
          Reading Buses 702/703between Bracknell and Heatherwood Hospital and North Ascot (old Post Office)



Boost (18 and Under)

Sales Points




On bus




On bus

1 day**



On bus & app+

7 day



On bus, smartcard & app+

4 weekly*



Smartcard only

30 day



On bus & app+

90 day



App only+




App only+




App only+

*Those Passengers who hold our Courtney Smartcard for Bracknell: Validity will be extended to align with the new Simply Bracknell & Wokingham boundary. Smartcards are only valid on Courtney Buses
**Please note: Bracknell Day ticket is no longer available – customers can purchase a simplyBracknell & Wokingham
 1 day ticket (£4.30) or a return ticket (£3.80) in areas where the day ticket previously applied
+ Mobile App - find App by searching for 'Thames Valley Buses' in Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Wokingham 3-Zone ticket

Valid on any Courtney bus in Wokingham including services 127/128/129 between Twyford and Reading.

Adult 7 day £20.80
Adult 4 weekly £71.90
Boost 7 day £13.00
Boost 4 weekly £43.30

Reading Area Ticket

Valid on services 127/128/129 between Reading Centre and Sonning.

Adult day £4.30
Adult 7 day £17.00
Adult 4 weekly £59.00
Boost day £2.50
Boost 7 day £12.00
Boost 4 weekly £42.00


Network savings with our smartcard, you save 5% by buying online.

Courtney Network tickets are valid on Reading Buses Lion 4/X4 services between Bracknell and Reading.

Buy tickets from our Online Shop

Ticket Adult BUSTA (under 20) Child (under 16)
Network day £6.90 £5.60 £4.30
Network Weekly £25.50 on bus
£24.33 online

£20.50 on bus £19.47 online

£15.00 on bus  £14.25 online

Network 4-Weekly £88.00 on bus
£83.60 online
£70.00 on bus £66.50 online

£53.00 on bus  £50.35 online

Network Family/Group £12.00    
Network Family/Group tickets are valid after 9am Mon-Fri, all day weekends and Bank Holidays for any group of up to 4 people (maximum 2 over 16’s), for example, 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children or 4 children - the minimum group size is 2 people.

Network by zone

All bus stops are in one of 4 Zones, fares will be charged according to how many Zones your journey travels in or through. All travel within a single Zone will require a 1 Zone ticket. Travel from one Zone into the adjacent zone (only) will require a 2 Zone ticket and so on. Each Zonal ticket can be purchased as a single or return, and as adult or child (under 16). Special arrangements will apply to/from Twyford Crossroads which will be classed as 1 Zone between there and Shepherds Hill Top, and also between Twyford Crossroads and Hurst Pond.


  Adult Single Adult Return Boost Single Boost Return
Within zone 1 only £2.20 £3.50 £1.30 £2.20
Travel through 2 zones £3.10 £4.70 £1.70 £2.80
Travel through 3 zones £3.90 £5.50 £2.20 £3.30
Travel through all 4 zones £4.90 £6.00 £2.80 £3.80